Diverse Flavours connects and develops brands from one continent to another.

Our primary business focus is the development of our partner brands in both domestic and duty-free markets throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Asian markets are often seen to be difficult to penetrate because of language and connections. Our strengths are based on having a good track record and in-depth knowledge of entering these markets, thus avoiding the many pitfalls.

If you want to develop your brand in Asia or the Middle East or Africa, we can help you by offering distribution and retail opportunities for your products and a full management service for your business.

If you are looking for ‘brands’ to import and sell then we have the portfolio to match your needs.

Export destinations

Diverse Flavours currently exports to over 25 countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Our Clients over the First Decade of Diverse Flavours


Duty Free

Importers and Distributors

How can Diverse Flavours help your business?

Profitable Relationships

We establish long-term, profitable relationships with partners who have similar vision, passion and motivation as you.

International Presence

We find the right distributor for your brands, and the right brands for our distributors.

Travel Retail and Duty Free

We develop brands in the travel retail and duty-free sector.

Travel Retail and Duty Free

We recommend premium brands to enhance turnover and customer satisfaction.

Private Label

We create and develop private label/own label wine brands – see below for more info.

Bulk Ethanol

Source, buy or sell premium ethanol/ethyl alcohol with our specialist partner.

Private Label Brand Development

Diverse Flavours works with various wine suppliers and production companies to develop ‘own label’ brands and ‘Private Brands’ for our clients. We take a full brief of what is required and turn it into your brand:

  • design
  • glass
  • closure
  • label
  • varietal
  • taste profile
  • volume
  • cost requirement
  • timing

Each product is unique and created with equal passion and professionalism.