Sakuramasamune Sake brands were among the Japanese products being promoted at the DFS Hong Kong Airport duty free store.

DFS currently sell the following brands at HK, which in the near future will also be available in Singapore DFS duty free shops:

  • Miyamizuno Hana(宮水の華) as Blue Flower 720ml
  • Aramakiya (荒牧屋太左衛門)as Red Passion 720ml
  • Yakimare Daiginjo(焼稀大吟醸) as Pink Blossom 1.8L

Samuramasamune started brewing sake in 1625, and is one of Japan’s oldest sake producers and has traditions going back about 400 years. It is located in Nada district in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, the most famous region for sake brewing.

In 1840 the 6th head of the family, Tazaemon Yamamura discovered the “Miyamizu” groundwater that influences a lot of the sake industry today. He was also responsible for finding out the relation between the sake quality and the rice polishing ratio. During brewing he used ‘rice’ that was polished longer and made whiter than usual. He was credited to be the originator of the “ginjo-shu”.

In 1884 the brand name “Sakura Masamune” was registered as a brand name and in 1913 Yamamura Sake Brewing Company was ordered to be the purveyor to the Imperial Household. In 1992 the name was changed to “Sakura Masamune Co.”