In the second half of 2015 Diverse Flavours teamed up with TMF Corporation from Japan and Sakuramasamune to bring Japanese Sake to the Duty Free and Travel Retail Industry.

In October, DFS in Hong Kong launched a range of Japanese premium Sake and Whiskies, which included products from Sakuramasmune, one of Japan’s oldest and most respected Sake brewers from Hyogo Prefecture near Kobe. The products launched in various bottle sizes (1800ml and 720ml) were:

  • Miyamizunohana (Blue Flower)
  • Aramakiyatazaemon (Red Passion)
  • Yakimare Daiginjo (Pink Blossom)


A brief history of Sakuramasamune

    • In 1625 the Yamamura family started brewing sake in the village of Aramaki, Itami in Hyogo Prefecture.
    • In 1840 the 6th head of the family, Tazaemon Yamamura discovered the “Miyamizu” groundwater and in 1884 the brand name “Sakuramasamune” was registered as a brand name.
    • In 1906 the “Sakuramasamune kobo yeast was selected by the Nihon Jozo Kyokaim Japan Sake Brewing Association as the “kyokai Kobo No.1” and was distributed to sake producers nationwide.
    • In 1913 Yamamura Sake Brewing Comapany was ordered to be the purveyor to the Imperial Household and in 1992 the name was changed to “Sakuramasamune Co.”
    • Tazaemon Yamamura was also responsible for finding out the relation between the sake quality and the rice polishing ratio. In brewing he used ‘rice’ that was polished longer and made whiter than usual. He was credited to be the originator of the “ginjo-shu”.

In 2016 Diverse Flavours introduce a full range of Japanese sake and shochu brands from different regions around Japan. We will include a section within the website that covers this dynamic and interesting new product category. Watch this space!