About Diverse Flavours

Diverse Flavours was founded in October 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa, by Anthony and Michiko Budd who over the years have been very fortunate to have lived on four continents and in five countries: the UK, Japan, Korea, Canada and South Africa.

Each of these wonderful places has offered an opportunity to experience their unique and varied cultures along with the enjoyment of diverse lifestyles whilst building on long, lasting and trusting friendships.

Our experiences across the world have also allowed us to share our enjoyment and lifelong passion of sharing good food, wine and conviviality with good friends and business colleagues.

Having been inspired by this rich experience and now living in beautiful South Africa, we decided to start our own business to export the diverse tastes and delights of this country to other countries who will appreciate the fine wines, foods and beverages and outstanding natural beauty that South Africa can offer.

“Our vision is to build a sustainable, profitable, long lasting business for all our partners, clients and customers.”

– Anthony and Michiko Budd

Our Logo

The colours represent the concept of variety and the diversity of products:

Green growth and potential
Orange creativity and vibrancy
Blue the ocean, trade and positivity
Red ability and strength (as well as wine, a key product)

The white cross seperating the colours represents the points to the four continents we have lived on: to the North in Europe; the South in Africa; the West in the Americas; the East in Asia. It represents the trade routes (import and export) between the continents and the potential for the exchange of goods, services and new cultural experiences.

Anthony Budd

Anthony is a results driven senior executive with over 30 years progressive marketing, commercial and general management experience at regional board level in the international wines and spirits industry.

He has a successful record of revenue and profit growth, market entry strategies, innovation, managing cross cultural teams and business partners in Europe, North America and Asia, specifically Japan and Korea.

Strong communication, negotiating, analytical, strategic and team leadership styles demonstrates very good skills in distribution relationships in all channels of the on, off and duty free business.

In his last Corporate role, Anthony was the Marketing Director for Pernod Ricard South Africa and was responsible for the strategic development of Red Heart Rum, Olmeca Tequila, Chivas Regal and Jameson Whiskey.

He previously steered the formation of the Allied Domecq joint venture company Jinro Ballantines in Korea as a main board member and managed the commercial development of the company and later as Marketing Director. During these 7 years, the company became market leader in the world’s fourth richest scotch market. He also assisted in the integration of the company to the current owners Pernod Ricard. During time in Korea Anthony held the position of Chairman, Wine and Spirits Committee, European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea (EUCCK).

Earlier in his career, Anthony managed the Asia Pacific and global duty free business for Hiram Walker and the Canadian Club brand locating firstly to Canada and then to Japan. He developed and launched six new Canadian Club brand extensions and with a widening remit oversaw the strategic development of Ballantines 17 Year Old Whisky across Northern Asia together with the complete Allied Domecq portfolio.

After university, Anthony worked for Long John International as a graduate sales trainee in the U.K., became the founding member of duty free division before being sent on sabbatical to study Japanese as part of the European Commission, Executive Training Programme (ETP) in Japan.

Anthony is a member of the exclusive and International Society – The Keepers of the Quiach. The Society was set up to represent the Scotch Whisky industry worldwide.

As Managing Director of Diverse Flavours, Anthony’s primary role is the sales, marketing, customer relationship and strategic development of the Diverse Flavours portfolio of brands and services.

Michiko Budd

Michiko, a Japanese national, graduated from Sophia Ladies University in Tokyo, and then entered the Finance industry working for Prudential Securities in Tokyo, and Daiwa Securities in London. Following a sabbatical at Windsor University in Canada, she resumed her career at Credit Lyonnais and Credit Agricole Indosuez Bank in Tokyo before becoming a full time mother.

As Finance and Administration Director of Diverse Flavours, Michiko’s primary role is financial control, logistics, shipping, and administration.