Diverse Flavours will once again be exhibiting at TFWA CANNES, and will, for the first time be introducing our new Japanese Sake range.

Sakuramasamune who started brewing sake in 1625, and has traditions going back about 400 years is one of Japan’s oldest Sake makers. It is located in Nada district in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, the most famous region for sake brewing.

In 1840 the 6th head of the family ,Tazaemon Yamamura discovered the “Miyamizu” groundwater that influences a lot of the sake industry today. He was also responsible for finding out the relation between the sake quality and the rice polishing ratio. In brewing he used ‘rice’ that was polished longer and made whiter than usual. He was credited to be the originator of the “ginjo-shu”.

In 1884 the brand name “Sakura Masamune” was registered as a brand name and in 1913 Yamamura Sake Brewing Company was ordered to be the purveyor to the Imperial Household. In 1992 the name was changed to “Sakura Masamune Co.”

At Cannes we will feature only the top brands from Sakuramasamune:

  • Miyamizu no Hana 720 ml, 1.8 l
  • Yakimare Daiginjyo 1.8 l
  • Aramakiya Dazaemon 720 ml, 1.8 l
  • Ooka Ichirin 720 ml

These brands have already been launched in DFS in Hong Kong and are on their way to the Middle East.

Interest in Japanese Sake is set to rise even more after the world’s most powerful wine critic turned his exacting nose from grapes to wine. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate released its first ratings guide for Japan’s Sake in the last few weeks and the FT Weekend featured a front page article on the story in the 3rd/4th September edition.

If any potential clients would like to taste these wonderful sake and discuss futire opportunities please come and visit our stand – Red Village, L34 or to make an appointment email Anthony Budd at anthonybudd@diverseflavours.com.